Why I can't fill in grades

This can be due to several reasons:

  • Unsupported platform: If you are trying to fill in grades on a platform not currently supported by Grading Assistant, the Fill data button may be available but will not work. If this is the case, please let us know the details of the platform, and we will work to add it to our list of supported platforms in our next update.
  • Unsupported page: Even if Grading Assistant supports the platform you are using, certain pages may need the functionality to fill in grades for students. If you are experiencing this issue, please send us an email with details about the platform and the type of page where filling in grades is not working, and we will do our best to fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • Empty fields: Grading Assistant never rewrites existing grades, so if all fields are not empty, the tool will not fill in any grades.
  • Platform changes: Platforms may make updates to their software that can affect the functionality of Grading Assistant. If you notice that filling in grades needs to be fixed after an update, please let us know, and we will work to fix this issue as soon as possible.